Janie Geiser, The Floor of the World (Epilogue)

Janie Geiser, The Floor of the World (Epilogue)

DISSOLVING SIGHTS 2019: An Exhibition of Projection Art

June 6th, time tba
June 10th, time tba

504 Chung King Court
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The projection overlays itself onto objects and architecture thereby merging two distinct types of information as a hybrid form. The resulting effect of presenting an “image skin” over the objects and built environment transforms, informs and at times confuses a static understanding of place while emphasizing an intimate viewing situation. Dissolving Sights brings together the work of ten artists who use projection as a significant part of their practice, while engaging themes of place, resistance and dreams.

The exhibition, organized by Janie Geiser, Bora Kyung Min Lee, Miwa Matreyek, Laurie O’Brien, Mat Rappaport and Susan Simpson is generously hosted by Automata, a non-profit dedicated to the creation, incubation, and presentation of experimental puppet theater, experimental film, and other contemporary art practices and v1b3, an artist-led project that explores the impact of media in the built environment through curated site-specific interventions, presentations and published documentation.

This show is in conjunction with the opening of the Peephole Cinema These films will be playing 24/7 all year in the alley behind Automata