explores how media can shape the built environment into a place for critical engagement by organizing media interventions in public spaces, exhibitions, and publications. Through the use of emerging media technologies, v1b3 projects identify relationships between the interaction of site, artwork, and audience. v1b3 cultivates discourse through curatorial practices and field research which builds collaborations between artists, scholars, architects and developers while engaging audiences in public spaces.

In 2005 the proliferation of urban screens provided an opportunity to develop an initial series of projects. Later, v1b3 curated a series of exhibitions of artists making use of emerging media (i.e. QR, AR, & VR), and the intersection of virtual verses tangible social spaces. This year, 2018, v1b3 is developing a Brooklyn storefront initiative and public media interventions in Miami.

Since its inception, v1b3 has worked with over one hundred and twenty international media artists and scholars in half a dozen countries. We welcomes others who have similar interests to develop projects and collaborate with us.

Artists interested in collaborating with v1b3 on programs are invited to contact us info@v1b3.com.

Conrad Gleber
Chris Manzione
Laurie O’Brien
Mat Rappaport
Gail Rubini

v1b3’s was initiated by Conrad Gleber, Mat Rappaport, Gail Rubini & rootoftwo in 2005.


Dissolving Sights, Automata Projects, Los Angeles, CA
co-organized exhibition of projection art

art2code digital catalog of artworks that explore artworks created though code practices.  Supported by CAA
Washington, DC

art2drone digital catalog of artworks that engage critically with drone technologies.  Supported by CAA
New York, NY

art2make digital catalog of 3D printed sculpture and links to the 3D print files supported by CAA
Chicago, IL

art2make exhibition
The Center for Book and Paper
Columbia College, Chicago

art2view augmented reality print catalog supported by CAA
New York, NY

scan2go QR code print catalog supported by CAA
Los Angeles, CA

Hotel, A Room to View
site specific installations in one room of the Hilton
New York, NY

2011 Summer
Highland Park Festival, Detroit, MI

2009 Summer

DIGIT Festival
Narrowsburg, NY

2008 Fall
Play Gallery
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

2006 June
Castlefield Gallery,Manchester, UK
As part of Daria Martin’s show ‘Wintergarden’ the v1b3 summer 05 and spring 05 DVDs was included in an accompanying video and film archive.

2005 Summer
four site specific programs in the south loop of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Hosted by Columbia College and the University Film and Video Association.

2005 March
a 30 minute program hosted by The Bigger Picture Cornerhouse project funded by Arts Council England) on the BBC’s 25 square metre screen in Exchange Square, Manchester, UK.