Sleeping Goethe Dreaming about Schiller, 2012

Barbara Rauch


This work series derives from working with 3D database that combines human faces with animal scans. The hybrids are manipulated using haptic interfaces that allow emotional degrees to surface.


Barbara Rauch is a practitioner and researcher. She is a Digital Futures hire, at OCAD University, Toronto in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Graduate Studies. Rauch is the Program Director for the Interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Art, Media & Design. She leads the e_Motion Lab in the Digital Media Research and Innovation Institute, researching the development of emotion with the facilitation of data analysis, using advanced technology in 3D printing, sculpting and analysis. Situating ourselves in an academic and interdisciplinary research-led environment, we consider the ‘studio’ as a geographic and emotional location in which process and production takes place.

KEYWORDS: 3D printing, animal faces, human scans