This piece is part of a multi-year series of Augmented reality bombers, drones and quadricopters dropping video game hearts on the poplace below.  Perhaps satire, perhaps envisioning a preferable world where love drops from the sky, the “Love Bombers” began before Manifest.AR’s Occupy Wall Street  AR intervention, and came to full flower during the NATO Summit on Chicago in 2012.  Here, a quad-drone drops love over the landscape of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Lichty Biography
Patrick is a media “reality” artist, curator, and theorist of over two decades who explores how media and mediation affect our perception of reality. He is best known for his work as an Artistic Director of the virtual reality performance art group Second Front, and the animator of the activist group, The Yes Men. He is a CalArts/Herb Alpert Fellow and Whitney Biennial exhibitor as part of the collective RTMark. He has presented and exhibited internationally at numerous biennials and triennials (Yokohama, Venice, Performa, Maribor, Turin, Sundance), and conferences (ISEA, SIGGRAPH, Popular Culture Association, SLSA, SxSW).

Skwarek Biography
Mark Skwarek is an artist working to bridge the gap between virtual and physical world with augmented reality. His art explores the translation our everyday digital experience into the physical world using mobile augmented reality.  He organized the augmented reality artist group manifest.AR, the arOCCUPYWALLSTREET movement, and co-organized We AR in MoMA. Skwarek’s practice is also largely based in art activism with emerging technologies. His work ranges from “erasing” the DMZ battlements between North and South Korea (a piece he did on site), to the virtual elimination of the barricades between Palestine and Israel at the Gaza Strip. He is faculty at New York University Polytech, where he teaches 3D Graphics and Augmented Reality.