Mission: Revelry Revealed

Objectives: Seek, Engage and Activate.

In the Revelry Revealed initiative (2014 -Current), the DODO drone teams have sought to identify, confront and (if necessary) instigate acts of revelry in public and private sectors. Using a range of overt and covert operational strategies (usually more overt than not) the field research teams have been able to uncover a range of coordinated and spontaneous acts of celebratory exuberance with the help of our “dangling mirrored ball of delight” a concept (not so) loosely borrowed from the deep sea Anglerfish.

While these documents should probably remain classified-we think not.

Initial DODO research files, field notes, images and running archives will become Declassified Documents and open to the public on

November 28th, 2014. Stay Tuned.

“I got to go where the people dance

I want some action, I want to live, action, I got so much to give

I want to give it, I want to get some too

Oh I, I love the night life

I got to boogie on the disco ’round, oh yeah

Oh, I love the night life

I got to boogie on the disco ’round, oh yeah”

-Alicia Bridges (I Love The Night Life)

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Free The Drones and the People

Team DODO(birds)


Carlos Rosas, has been creating, exhibiting, and publishing new media based projects since the mid 90’s during his graduate studies at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. His creative research has been presented and exhibited nationally and internationally in numerous galleries, museums, symposia and media festivals. Rosas is currently Professor in Charge of New Media Art and Interdisciplinary Digital Studio (iDS) programs at the Penn State University.

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