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The weightless project was a big undertaking because it was my first music video and the song already had alot of hype around it. “Weightless was created in collaboration with the british institution of sound therapy and Mindlab UK. The track is scientifically proven to reduce the listeners heart rate and help with stress. I was glad to be part of such a positive scientific experiment and to be creating a work of art that referenced the current drone boom the UK has recently seen. I chose to use a drone because its precise flight capabilities and ease of use made it very easy to choreograph a three dimensional “dance” for the drone to perform to the song. Once I had the shot I wanted I then used a technique called “time displacement” to map the flight pattern of the drone and make the choreography I used to make the video visible. It was alot of fun and it was great to be using a new piece of technology. I hope drones stay around for a long time because they are a great tool for creating art and gathering data for alot of positive reasons.


Richard JohnstonI am a 23 year old videographer from the lake district and studied BA Hons Fine Art Photography at the university college Falmouth. Since graduating I have been working freelance on various projects including music videos, viral marketing campaigns and promotional material. I use my drone alot for aerial photography / video and it was great to have the machine as a subject for this video. I always keep up to date with new technology and constantly try to push my practice / art in new and exciting directions.

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