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Pylons on Parade
Celine Browning


At the core of this body of work is the desire to dissect the symbols that pervade and control the way we experience public space. By reimagining the form, size, and context of the familiar traffic cone, Pylons on Parade explores the permeable and permutable nature of symbols, exhibiting the ways in which altering an object can distort the meaning of the symbol it represents. Set in Chicago’s most grandiose and celebrated park, the virtual collection of altered traffic cones are part deconstructed symbols, part absurd monuments. They attempt to call our attention to the often unnoticed or under contemplated aspects of public space, wryly alerting us not to physical danger, but to spatial politics. What do we see when we walk through Millennium Park, and what goes unnoticed?

Artist Bio

Celine Browning is a Chicago-born artist currently living and working in Somerville, MA. She was recently named the 2012 Emerging Artist at Kingston Gallery in Boston. Browning earned her MFA in Metal from SUNY New Paltz in 2011.


-Near 31 N. Michigan Ave, In front of Cloud Gate (title: Banana Cone)
-Michigan Ave. at E. Randolph St., In front of Wrigley Square and Millenium Monument (title: Flower Cone)
-Near 201 E. Randolph Street, Middle of the Grant Park Great Lawn (title: Bent Cone)
-Columbus Drive at Monroe Street, in front of the old Stock Exchange (title: Lacerated Cone)

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