Sensory Soup

faux fur, mild steel, plywood, projection surface

project description
Sensory Soup is an installation designed to saturate the mind of the consumer with abstract sound and image. When the sensory inputs that remind the consumer where they are, or what is going on around them are replaced, the consumer becomes aware only of the effect of the media on their mind. Experiences like this are similar to what is produced in concert environments, however, by removing outside distractions and allowing the consumer to focus on the media rather than the environment, consumers are made extra aware of the effect that media has on the mind in these environments. Consumers are encouraged to have a seat, minimize distractions, and focus on the direction of the wandering mind.

Gabriel Bennett is an Artist and Technician from the Oakland Bay area. They are currently a student in Theatre Design and Production at CalArts. Their work ranges from live event production, to art direction, fabrication, and installation. Their work generally exists within the context of community engagement, visual design for music, scenic fabrication, and support for the performing arts.

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