Projection 2 pieces, the warp of a large standing loom and on a finished weaving previously created on the loom. Projections will be hand drawn animation/rotoscoping loops.

Josh Cloud is a multimedia animator currently attending the California Institute of the Arts for Experimental Animation. Multimedia and tactile explorations in animation led to an interest in the potential of unsuspecting intersections in technique, and as he began to explore sculpture  in ceramics, wood, metal, and fiber, the possibilities for these intersections in technique and medium grew into a practice of its own. These works bring to light the power of object making as a minority. Culture is rooted in the simplest things in our everyday life from the plates we eat off of to the clothes we wear, and to be able to reclaim that power from capitalist institutions who operate against the interest of black and queer communities allows for a freedom of mind and heart rarely experienced in the modern context. Through the careful presentation of these material creations, Josh Cloud hopes for the viewer to question everything they see and touch, as well as what they should consider art within their own personal spaces.


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