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last_night_i_dreamt_of_a_hollow_earth is a series of 3-d printed sculptures generated from the brainwave patterns of dreams. This project began as a means to manifest intangible things as physical objects. I was interested in taking abstract concepts like dreams, thoughts, and memories and making them into physical sculptures. A BCI (Brain Computer Interface) was used to record the electrical activity of people’s brainwaves while they talked about their dreams. These brain readings were used to generate virtual shapes. These virtual shapes were then converted into 3-D mesh objects that were 3-D printed as physical sculptures. These sculptures can be seen as artifacts of the unconscious.

Mark Ramos is a Brooklyn-based new media artist. He works with the mediums of physical computing (using computers to sense and react to the physical world), software programming and digital sculpture to create interactive, installation pieces. His work is often concerned with using digital technology as an intermediary to explore the intangible. Mark has exhibited his work locally both in New York City and San Francisco, including the inaugural exhibition of Arsenal Gallery in Brooklyn and as part of multiple exhibitions at Artist Television Access.

You can also find him playing drums for various bands in Brooklyn.

Last Night I Dreamt of a Hollow Earth from Mark Ramos on Vimeo.

project site: http://www.markhramos.org/template/hollowearth.html
web site:www.markhramos.org

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