Art2<code> is a catalog of art projects that addresses the use of computer programming as an essential tool to create work that manifests screen imagery, sculptural objects, installation environments, or time-based performance. In recent years programming has become a more common skill used by artists and makers. Projects like the Processing language, Scratch and even games like Minecraft provide accessible gateways for artists and students alike. However, like other media forms, artists are not only using the tools, but they are critically considering how programming, big data and algorithms operate within the culture at large.

Art2<code> is the fourth in a series of experimental catalogs that explore artists’ responses to new technologies. The intent of this is to explore how these technologies are being adopted, adapted to art practices while simultaneously engaging critical dialogs. Previous projects include Scan2Go, Art2View and Art2Make which focus on QR codes, augmented reality and 3D printing respectively. Each publication includes a feature for each project with links to a rich media website and critical essays that extend the viewing experience.

Art2<code> would not have been possible without the dedication of many collaborators. My thanks and appreciation go to Meredith Hoy and Tiffany Funk for contributing critical perspectives that shape how these works are understood and to the curatorial team; Gail Rubini, Conrad Gleber, Ivan Martinez and Chris Manzione.

The Services to Artists Committee of the College Art Association sponsored this project as part of the 2016 CAA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. I would like to express my gratitude to Conrad Gleber, Chris Manzione and Gail Rubini from the media arts collective v1b3 for organizing the project, designing the catalog and companion website. Finally, I would like to thank the administrative staff of CAA for sharing this four-year journey that has given critical representation to forms that often seem fringe.

Mat Rappaport
Associate Professor
Columbia College, Chicago


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