Dream Wave

Dream wave is a paper silhouette cutout representing a reoccuring dream I have had throughout my life of a giant wave approaching. At different points in my life I have felt various things during the dream. Fear, sadness, panic, and peace. I think it represents my struggles with anxiety and depression on a personal level and also brings up issues for me of environmental breaking points we are currently facing.

Miranda Kahn is an experimental paper artist, actress, film maker and puppeteer committed to social justice. Kahn aims to create original, interdisciplinary works which evoke social change. Kahn received her BFA in Acting from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and her MFA from The California Institute of the Arts. She animated (with her shadow puppetry) her short documentary film “Shadow Life: Shining Through Colorism and Depression” which went to the Sarasota Film Festival, Women Deliver film festival and has upcoming screenings at NewFilmmakers and The Other Venice Film Festival.


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