onSITE 2016 is a large scale architectural projection event that showcases video art, experimental film and projection mapping. The program explores the potential of media interventions to shape our perception of the built environment and highlight the social context of architecture. onSITE 2016 will take place as part of the Big Walls urban mural festival and Manifest, a Columbia College Chicago street festival celebrating Columbia College’s student work. This year’s screening will include work produced by Columbia College undergraduate, graduate and faculty and will feature a new work by Alexis Anastasiou of Video Guerhilla in Brazil. The program is organized by a team of Columbia College faculty and presented with generous funding from the College and the School of Media Arts.

DOCUMENTARY VIDEO, Directed by Julian Grant

900 South Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605

Thursday May 12th, 8:30pm
Friday May 13th, 8:30pm



featured artist
Alexis Anastasiou (Brazil), janela da alama

Gianna Acquolina, Who Am I?
Jeff Borowiak, Spectrum
Michael Caplan, Memories
Paul Catanese, Visible From Space – Gadsden Purchase Field Test (bns-011)
Dana Coen, Dream Cycle
Dana Coen, Woven Dreams
Brad Cowan, Neon
Deanna Eaton, Sound Space: Shopping
Jeremy Fay, No Fear
Isaac Fosl-van Wyke, Idenergy Crisis #37: White Shadows
Julian Grant, Gloomy Sunday
Ted Hardin, Chakra in the City
Laurel Hauge, Tear
Andrew Henke, on my way
Katie Hernandez, Anxiety
Ji Jinglu, OrigamiBirds
Brandon Jones, Thirst
Brandon Jones, Transitions
Ian Kerstetter, IF I AM A RIVER
Woodrow Lahr, Rage
Shiying Liu, Such Silence Does I Sit in the Shadows
Tyler Mansmith, Ideas
Terrence McKenna, The Cultural Operating System
Kelsey Miller, Goldfish
Robyn Minor, Within
James Moy, Whispers of Love
Kevin Orzel, Monochrome
Malachi Phillips, Train’s Coming
Carlos Prias, Cutting
Carlos Prias, Nataraja
Mat Rappaport, fig. 20 loopbullship
Natalie Reinholtz, Untitled Poetry
Rezvan Rasouli, Untitled Poetry
a. morgan sayers, Body Language
Kathryn Schade, Altered Reality
Kathryn Schade, Montage
Kathryn Skrundz, Game Over
Jordan West, Portal

Demo Reels by Cinema Art and Science Cinema Visual Effects and NexGen Cinema programs and Interactive Arts and Media

Brad1 Jeff2 Jeff1


Michael Caplan
Brad Cowan
Julian Grant
Ted Hardin
Peter Hartel
Ian Kerstetter
Mat Rappaport

Graphic Design, Katie Schade

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