2009 v1b3 participated as a part of the DIGIT exhibition in Narrowsburg, NY. The artists included Conrad Gleber, Ivan Martinez, Grant Taylor and Mat Rappaport.


Facebook, digital surveillance, iPhones, HDTV: it’s a digital world we live in. As our homes, our work, and our lives goes digital, DIGit Digital Media Exposition in Narrowsburg, NY helps us make sense of it. The sixth annual event takes place June 12–14, 2009 at various locations throughout Narrowsburg and includes continuous screenings, installation art, workshops and discussions, and a competitive video slam.

The DIGit 2009 theme is Open Source Culture. The event will consider—through screenings and workshops—the use of digital media for political and social change, storytelling, and empowerment. From the DIGIT press release and web site.

Sponsored by the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, DIGIT encourages creative and technical excellence and experimentation among individual artists and small groups working with digital tools. DIGIT is funded in part by a grant from the Electronic Media and Film Program of the New York State Council on the Arts.