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A Room to View offers contemplation on physical spaces and objects undergoing unpredictable transformations, a metaphor for a modern world struggling to define its place in nature or a purpose for its technologies.  And so, we run to the next appointment, ghosts in the machine of our built spaces. – Melissa Potter, A Room To View, Media-N Journal

Thursday, February 10th
12-8pm Hilton Hotel New York

v1b3 is presents media works that in the broadest terms possible explore the context of the hotel room as a modular space of transient occupation.

Artists presenting work include:

Olga Ast, Julia Druk & Alex Reid – Under the Bed
Annette Barbier – Stages
Christopher Cassidy – Globequilting
Elizabeth Demaray– Tell Me TV
Greg Garvey – PULL FOR FIRE (an ‘hommage’ to Jim Dine)
David Gordon – Toilet Art
Jim Jeffers – Crude: Black Gold, Texas Tea, and Me
Mary Agnes Krell – Nothing that is not there

v1b3 Winter 2011 was presented in conjunction with the New Media Caucus at the College Art Association Conference.