OcitChristian Oiticica and Nina PalombaPoiLomba Ticica

Inspired by the art game Exquisite Corpse, each of us alternated taking turns to add shapes to a form in a 3D modeling program until we created a final product, which in this case turned out to be a small cat eared toy.

Download Oticica_Palomba.stl




Biography Oiticica
I feel like a kid in a candy store when I work in a 3D modeling program. The workflow gives me the ability to transcribe my ideas from my head into a virtual three dimensional sketch to be saved. Now, utilizing 3D Printing I own the candy store. With a machine added to my arsenal of creative tools I can manifest one of my sketches while still designing something else.

My work recently has used 3d printing quite heavily. It was not so much an intentional decision at first but rather the allure to the strangeness of material. It likens to early photographic studies in their roughness. Which interested me even more, due to my background in photography and its’ alternative processes.

Website: http://www.behance.net/Christianoiticica

Biography Palomba
My illustrated world, inspired by classic cartoons, is consumed by black and white imagery. The progression of my work has unfolded a personal narrative through the development of my characters and line work. My work is never planned or sketched out; I just go for it. Everything I create is off the top of my head. The end result is always shocking and emotionally revealing. When drawing I am completely consumed by my world, life disappears around me. It isn’t until I lay the last line that I come back to reality to see what I have created.

Website: http://ninapalomba.com