Conrad Gleber
Catalog Introduction

Art2Make is an exhibition catalog that brings together a collection of 3-D artworks from fifteen media artists and an essay article that discusses the work.  The artworks work will be printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 at Columbia College and exhibited in the Art2Make exhibition at the Center for Book and Paper Gallery at Columbia College Chicago, 2014. Unlike most catalogs, the pages contain a link to the code for the artwork and the viewer can use the file on a 3-D printer and print and collect the artworks.

Art2Make follows the experimental concepts and format of the previous projects:  Scan2Go and AR2View, which were distributed at previous CAA Conferences.  All of these publications included features designed to provide additional information to each page by using the text and/or image to function as an interactive interface.

My thanks and much appreciation must go Professor Meredith Hoy for her generous commitment to this project.  Artists creating 3-D printed artworks are at the edge of emerging digital media and as such rely on the articles like Meredith’s to help their work be seen and understood.

The Services to Artists Committee of the College Art Association sponsored the Art2Make exhibition catalog. Working together with Gail Rubini and Mat Rappaport, members of the media artist collective, v1b3, CAA has created a new space and method to exhibit and experience media based visual artworks. Special thanks to Chris Manzione for also helping with the project.