FernandezAna Marva Fernández, Az(tech)Warrior


Jaguar warriors were elite members of the pre-Colombian Aztec Military. According to Wikipedia, Aztec beliefs suggest jaguars represented the god of the night sky. When warriors fought in their skins, they would be given strength during battle. Jaguar warriors preferred capturing enemies, believing killing to be sloppy.

This contemporary child clothed in a jaguar costume points to the transformation of the warrior mentality. Mexican criminal organizations recruit very young warriors today, promising fraternity and mystical favor, for the sake of protecting illicit narcotic markets.

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Ana Marva Fernández is a Mexican-American artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

She grew up in Guadalajara, a very old city transformed by modern development, which affects the choices she makes in her work.

For Ana, contemporary art processes, such as 3D printing, represent a chance to test the relevance of myth. She enjoys 3D scanning ancient artifacts and appropriating parts of their shape and meaning, to create new iterations of old ideas. She is deeply fascinated by archetypal characters and their recurrence today.

Her work usually takes the form of art installations that include digitally generated elements, such as rapid prototyped sculptures and laser-cut designs, juxtaposed with found objects, staple foods, and other core familiar materials. Her work tends to reference tensions of the international political landscape, and the implications of art in society as we move towards the future.

Ana has shared her work in a variety of formats, at venues such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, World Maker Faire and The Children’s Museum of the Arts.

She received her B.F.A. and M.A. from NYU

Website: http://anamarva.com