HolmesHolly Holmes, Tiny Mound


This sculpture “Tiny Mound” is a derivative from a ceramic piece I made via hand building, and kiln fired clay. A module from the clay piece was scanned and than digitally fabricated to make the STL file. With 3D printing I am able to extend the capability of traditional art making. It is a force multiplier combining the ability to make impossible forms variable and in series at the touch of a button.

The sculpture, Tiny Mound refers to cell structures, nature, alchemic reactions, and fluidity of movement. The substance used to make the work changes from spools of plastic into a multi-layered artwork where the modular nature of this work is revealed. Tiny Mound is a stand-alone structural piece but copies of the work could be made and added to the original. Each piece carries and interprets the idea of the module or cell structure, the notion of permutation, sequencing forms, and objects from a single starting point.

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Holly Holmes, is an artist and educator living and working in Chicago.

She teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Holmes received her MFA in Sculpture from SAIC in 2011. She produces paintings, sculpture and installations that explore systems and architecture found in both nature and technology. She often transforms a physical object into other physical objects using a digital format. She co-directs What It Is – an exhibition space in Oak Park. Holmes has exhibited her work at Aqua Art Miami, Miami; Chicago Urban Arts Society; Oak Park Public Library Main Branch; Portage gallery, Chicago; Sidecar, Hammond In; Columbia College, Chicago and has a show opening the end of January 2014 at Firecat in Chicago.

Website: www.hollyholmes.info