JeffersJim Jeffers, How To Fold A Bunny (two ways) 



“How To Fold A Bunny (two ways)” is an obvious nod to Ray Johnson. In this project I have included two ways to make a bunny: with paper, by hand with origami, and with a 3-D file created by scanning the origami bunny with an iPhone. I am interested in both outcomes, as tools and resources allow them to manifest as sculptural objects, flaws and all, both hand-made and machined.

Download Jeffers.obj





Jim Jeffers is an intermedia artist and designer working with computer mediation, web-art, performance, photography and video in conjunction with conventional media. Working with cultural material and material culture, He finds the meta-spiritual and psychoactive critically important as incredibly elusive in making art. Jim exhibits and performs his work both in the United States and internationally. Jeffers’ performance work has been in public for over a decade, with his Superhero Actions (and other performance iterations), as well as, performing in numerous pieces by other artists. Since the early 21st century, Jim has maintained a presence in cyberspace with a shifting blend of digital / computer art, artist portfolio, and truthful lies. He teaches Graphic Design and Digital Media at Indian River State College in Fort Pierce, Florida. Jim works in Port St. Lucie, Florida where he lives with his amazing wife and son.