LorenzPaul LorenzInformation Study #8 – lorenz_nonplace_3.obj


This work is an investigation into the cartography of synthetic space. Rationally based principles of mapping are typically applied to extant forms to produce reductive representations. Here, these same principles are used generatively to create an emergent form. This generative system imparts the work with a nebulous sense of a type of place, without representing any real place. It is this fecund vagueness that attracts me to the modeling of a simulation.

By highlighting the emptiness and the absence of inhabitation in Information Study #8, I attempt to qualify the limitations of abstract computer simulations. I believe that this kind of emptiness can occur whenever any type of experience is simulated through generative use of generalized algorithmic rules. This digital practice denies the complexities of real-places, instead simulating and exhibiting only those aspects of reality for which rules can be numerically deduced.

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Paul J Lorenz is a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He received his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2006. Architectural projects he has been involved with have won several awards at the state-wide level. His current sculptural work consists primarily of digitally fabricated landscapes.

Website: http://pauljlorenz.wordpress.com/