The College Art Association Services to Artists committee in collaboration with v1b3 ( are producing a printed catalogue of digital media art works entitled SCAN2GO. The catalogue will represent the artworks by printed QR codes, which function to connect viewers to digital media art works by using a smart phone.

The SCAN2GO catalogue will be dynamic for one year. 

Artists will be assigned a QR code (printed in the catalogue) that links to an artwork. 
Every four months each artist will provide us a new artwork for the QR link. 

The printed catalog will be distributed during the CAA conference in Los Angeles, February 22-25, 2012. The QR codes are linked to a web address/url that shows an art piece (sound art, video, code pieces or web art) that will be viewed on smart phones and camera enabled tablet computers.


Conrad Gleber, Introduction
Meredith Hoy, Essay 


Paul Amitai
Annette Barbier
Tom Blum
Drew Browning
David Burns
Paul Catanese
Lynn Cazabon
Channel Two: Adam Trowbridge, Jessica Westbrook, Oskar Westbridge
Elizabeth Demaray
Hasan Elahi
Brian Evans
David Jude Green & DJGreen
Lane Hall & Lisa Moline
Meredith Hoy
Jessica Irish
Chris Kallmyer
Mary Agnes Krell
Ivan Martinez
A. Bill Miller
Meg Mitchell
Owen Mundy
Garth Paine
Carlos Rosas
Marc Tasman

More soon…

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