Detroit, MI
Presented July 16 & 17 2011, at Highland Park Festival.

When we perceive the remarkable or not usually encountered we try to
reconcile it with the previously stored information about the world
that we have built up as a result of experience. This is an active
two-way process of fitting our perceptions into our past experiences
and fitting our past experiences into a world that also includes our
current perceptions. When this is applied to developments that have no
precedent we are at a loss. In attempting to reconcile seemingly
disparate perceptions with lived experience we realize seeing is not
necessarily believing. In ‘Uncommon’ artists explore visions and
perceptions of science, nature and the environment as we find, imagine
and make them.

PROGRAM 1 [11:22]

Paul Amitai — World’s Fair (Panorama)
Gina Czarnecki — Pixie Dust 
Joelle Dietrick — Data House Cloud

PROGRAM 2 [11:03]

Catherine Chalmers – SAFARI
Sarah Ross — A Slightly Softer City
Mat Rappaport — Nature

PROGRAM 3 [11:10]

Gina Czarnecki — Nascent
A. Bill Miller — Living Grid (Combination)

PROGRAM 4 [12:34]

Scott Conard — Natural Connections
Alistair Gentry — Three Times True
Geraldine Ondrizek — Cellular 

PROGRAM 5 [11:51]

Jessica Irish — Level
Susan Goethel Campbell — Detroit Weather: 365 days
Andy Nick — I Like Deer
Dana Sperry — Sketches for an Intermezzo for the Masses no. 2