Elizabeth Demaray

story telling, narrative, television, video, American Culture, Saved by the Bell, Hawaii-Five-O


TellMeTV and the Town Crier: Elevating television to its rightful place as our narrative art form.

TellMeTV collects video shorts of people recounting the story of any television program they ever remember watching. Edited to high-light basic concepts that we may share as Americans, each story is recounted on the web in a first-person campfire-style–in much the same way that us humans have been transferring information from one generation to the next since before the dawn of the written word. Future episodes of this, the Town Crier, version of TellMeTV may cover anything from a suspenseful animal show to a Battlestar Galactica episode to the Philadelphia evening news. Engaging the human desire to be entertained, beguiled and informed through the telling of a good story, this project aims to utilize electronic media in the recognition of the fact that these forms of media may well be responsible for the loss of first person story telling in our culture.