Brian Evans

visual music, abstract animation, experimental film, computer music, data mapping, digital art, metaphor,musical narrative



Maps are metaphors. Through metaphors we connect what we experience to what we know. We create knowledge by connecting the new (the present) to what we know (the past) and so maybe predict what happens next (the future).
Our desire to predict fuels our desire to live, to survive. Desire is the foundation of narrative. Narrative reduces to desire, action and result. We exist in the endless loop of desire.
I make maps. The maps loop in time and in the moment. There is synchrony in the sensory horizontal and the temporal vertical. Image and audio derive from the same numeric source. Each maps the other in the moment and through time. It’s visual music in a synaesthetic counterpoint.
Musical narrative developed over centuries, moving the listener through time with the Pythagorean struggle of harmonic conflict, dissonance seeking consonance. My little loops engage that struggle at various levels. Color shifts. Composition flows. Image and sound agree, complement, disagree and resolve.
Perhaps it’s abstract expressionism, true to its digital materials, founded in musical traditions and Modernist formalism. But it’s loosened a bit. It’s meant to be fun. It’s jazz in color, shape, sound and computation. Relax. Hear the colors. Listen with your eyes.