Garth Paine

Music, Contemporary, Ants, Piano, Serial




Ant Walk is a composition for solo piano.  It is inspired by watching a busy ant colony

Always  scurrying, stopping, hurrying on.

Find either a quiet natural space to listen – look at the earth and think of all the tiny insects working beneath your feet

Or – find a busy urban space – a train station – listen and watch the humans scurrying about their business


Academic, Composer, Installation Artist, Sound Designer

Dr. Garth Paine is particularly fascinated with sound as an exhibitable object. This passion has led to the creation of several interactive responsive environments where the inhabitant generates the sonic landscape through their presence and behavior. It has also led to a considerable body of work that creates music scores for dance in realtime using video tracking of the choreography or more recently bio-sensors on the dancers generating the music and image environments for the performance in realtime. Dr. Paine is internationally regarded as an innovator in the field of interactivity in new media arts. His immersive interactive environments have been exhibited throughout Australia, Europe, Japan, USA, Hong Kong and New Zealand. In recent years, Dr. Paine’s ensemble SynC (, has performed at the Agora Festival, Paris , the New York Electronic Arts festival, Liquid Architecture, Ear to The Earth (NYC), BEAP and the Aurora and Camden Haven music festivals, and The Australian New Music Network concert series. He is a member of the advisory panel for the Electronic Music Foundation, New York and one of 17 advisors to the UNESCO funded Symposium on the Future, a project focused on formulating an evolving set of principles (theory), that describes a taxonomy / design space of electronic musical instruments.  He was Head of Program – Electronic Arts (2003-2006) at the University of Western Sydney, where he lecturers in Music Technology, and directs of the Virtual, Interactive, Performance research environment (VIPRe) lab for interactive performing art.  In 2011-12 he is a visiting professor at Arizona State Universities Arts, Media and Engineering faculty.