Lynn Cazabon

weeds, urban, wild, plants, nature, climate change, public, Baltimore



Uncultivated, is an ongoing series of photographic images, a website, and public
displays (bus shelter posters and billboards) representing the landscape of
Baltimore, MD over an extended period of time via its wild plant life. Uncultivated started in late 2010 and continues to grow, with elements added on a weekly basis, and has recently expanded to include other cities. The project website is at the heart of Uncultivated: each image has a corresponding webpage that connects to the project’s database of information on the plants found in the image and their precise location. As prints, each image is presented with a QR code, which when scanned connects to its webpage. Commonly known as ‘weeds,’ the project draws attention to the tiny pockets of wildness within the urban environment in order to raise awareness about an aspect of nature that most people ignore and to challenge the common practice of privileging certain parts of nature at the expense of others. The project also attempts to record and raise awareness about how urban landscapes are evolving over time due to the effects of global climate change.