Learning about Data Centers

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Data centers connect communication networks so end users can access information remotely. They are used to manage, distribute, and track user resources such as video games, digital media, and online accounts. In short, virtual data centers are large computer networks that provide access to a virtual “platform” that supports connected devices. If you’re curious about […]


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Annette Barbier has produced a video documentary about the Expose, Intervene, Occupy AR project that v1b3 co-initiated with the collective unreal-estates. The video will be presented at ISEA 2012 and can also be seen here.

A Room To View, Reviewed by Melissa Potter in Media-N

Posted on Dec 20, 2011 in Press

              A Room To View, an exhibition curated by v1b3 during CAA in New York was reviewed by Melissa Potter for Media-N. The exhibition featured site specific media works presented in one guest room at the Hilton Hotel. The artists include Olga Ast, Julia Druk & Alex Reid – Under […]

v1b3 awarded a 2011 Propeller Grant

Posted on Nov 4, 2011 in Exhibitions, Grants, New Media

unreal-estates and v1b3 have been awarded a 2011 Propeller Grant for the proposal Expose, Intervene, Occupy: Re-interpreting Public Space  Annette Barbier, Drew Browning, Mat Rappaport, Conrad Gleber, John Marshall, Cezanne Charles, Gail Rubini: The collectives unreal-estates and v1b3 propose an augmented reality application for internet enabled mobile devices that will interrogate the meaning of public […]